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In less than the time it takes you to read through this paragraph, you can provide us with enough information for us to reply with your current spending on water and waste services and the savings we can deliver for your business. Simply complete the form below and we'll get back to you within the hour!

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Competition in the Scottish Water Industry affects small, medium and large businesses, charities and non-profit organisations - collectively known as non-household customers. Non-household customers can now choose the water supplier that best meets their needs.


Working with our preferred partner Blue Business Water, we offer businesses a simple, quick and convenient way to know what they currently pay and how much we can save them by switching provider for Water & Waste.

All within an hour of receiving the minimum of information via our online form below.

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As a business, you know how much utility expenditure adds to your operating costs. Since 2008, any business in Scotland can choose their water and wastewater supplier from a number of licensed suppliers. The water is still supplied and treated by the wholesaler, Scottish Water, through their network of pipes, and sold on to customers by licenced suppliers.

Are you paying too much for water and waste?

We'll email you back with information on your current annual costs for water and waste, along with the annual savings we can offer.

When it comes to switching suppliers, it shouldn’t be complicated, and we make sure it isn’t. We have developed a streamlined transfer process to validate your supply points and ensure accurate and timely billing. It's quick and easy to change supplier, and we take care of everything.

1. We’ll send you a welcome letter

It’ll cover all sorts of stuff about your water supply and the world of Bluewater.

2. We’ll start switching you over

As soon as your cooling-off period’s done, we’ll go ahead and transfer your water supply.

You don’t need to do a thing.

3. We’ll ask for your first meter readings

You’re almost there… A couple of days before we switch you over, we’ll ask for your meter readings.

(to get your account up and running)

4. You’re all done!

That’s it – you’ve switched and started saving money!

A FREE Water and Wastewater supply

comparison service for Scottish Businesses

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We offer 1, 2 or 3 year contracts and your business can take advantage of the savings we make for you in as little as 14 days from your instruction to switch. We’ll do all the work for you and our service is 100% FREE.


It's a totally seamless process completed in the 4 steps below:

We make switching and saving easy!

If you are unsure about anything we would be happy to talk you through the infomation required.

Call us on: 01254 691300

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